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Please support our Community Radiation Testing Centre

In the south part of Miyagi Prefecture (just north of Fukushima),
we are establishing a Community Radiation Measuring Centre.
We are asking for donations. We need your support (donations, time, ideas, volunteering, and technical support)

we can't see, smell, feel or taste it.
The only way we can sense it is from the readings from a machine.
Now that is going into our food, water and our whole life.

We are natural agricultural producers (organic farmers, charcoal manufacturers etc.) in the south of Miyagi prefecture
(which is located just to the north of Fukushima).
We have been testing our soil and products at another area's testing facility that showed us
that distance from the Fukushima Daiichi power stations is not the only factor; wind direction,
landscape and different soil types are also important factors.

Without depending on the government or large organizations we need to test the soil and our products transparently giving us
the data to make honest decisions.

Not only the producer but also the consumer needs to face radiation seriously from now on.
Processed foods

Also soil and vegetables from home gardening, plums, persimmons, chestnuts, blueberries from the garden.
Wild plants, mushrooms, and water from our wells, natural springs and the tap.
Of course milk, vegetables and fruit from the shop along with powdered milk, baby food, rice bran,
garden soil and so on............

We all want to know the truth.
We all want to appreciate the abundance of nature in this rich beautiful place "South of Miyagi"
Harvesting this bounty is vital for us.
We simply want to live happily and healthily here, so we are establishing this "Community Radiation Measureing Centre" open to all.

Eight members of the group have paid the deposit for the expensive measuring equipment
but we need to raise funds for the rest of the payments and the running costs.
Please support us - be part of our strength.
Please make a donation via Paypal System


Community Radiation Testing Centre
We are going to buy:
AT1320A Gamma Spectrometer (made in Belarus)
-iodine131, cesium134,cesium134 and potassium40 are detected separately.
-detection limit - 3.7Bq/kg

Location: somewhere in central southern Miyagi
Opening Schedule: expected Dec 2011
Operating staff: selected members of the group.

About Gamma Spectrometer
After assessing various specifications and visiting other measuring rooms in Fukushima, we selected the one which can detect up to 1Bq/kg and is able to specify the nuclide of cesium and iodine.
The Japanese provisional standard is 500Bq/kg,
but this equipment can detect cesium down to the safety levels recommended by the German Radiological Information Service, Strahlentelex, 4 Bq/kg for children, and 8 Bq/kg for adults. This allows us to release clear information about specific levels required by children, pregnant women and those with special needs, such as people with low immune systems.

Community Radiation Measuring Centre
group leader
Yssushi Kitabayashi